St. Pierre Day Three


Fog surrounded the island like a fine lace curtain brushing against those who wandered out.  After a late breakfast, I figured this was a day to stay put and fix my ipad, which seemed to have lost two keys and it’s juice in my travels.  I made my way to the local tabac, used my fractured French, and bought batteries.  In they went with no luck.  After an hour or so of searching the Internet, I found a possible solution- aluminum foil.  It seems that Apple did not effectively design the connector to the batteries: putting in foil can solve the problem.  It did.

After writing the first two entries of my blog, I went to L’Arche, Musee et Archives built in 1999 and visited by President Chirac. Its modern atmosphere is quite the opposite of the Heritage Museum. I hoped to find my French relatives amongst the earlier inhabitants of St. Pierre.  When I did the same in Aix en Provence at the Archives d’Outre Mer, the librarian told me I was on a fool’s mission as I only had the last name, de Jorna; however, an entire index was devoted to them.  Alas, no luck this time but the people working at L’Arche were extremely friendly and helpful, quite different from my experience in Aix where my requests seemed mostly to annoy.

When I got back to my room, it wasn’t even 2.  I gave myself permission to read and nap.

This night I tried a creperie for dinner.  I was thrilled when the menu revealed that their crepes were made with buckwheat, remembering ones I had had at a hole in the wall in Paris.  Indeed, they were made with buckwheat and had a delicious nutty flavor but they must have been put in a microwave as they were tough and leathery.  The restaurant faces the harbor and in my way of thinking, any meal can be saved by a view of the sea.




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